The Basset Hound Club of Victoria Inc.

Basset Rescue Service

The BHCV is happy to assist in helping to re-home Basset Hounds that have been abandoned, mistreated or just not wanted which may be due to many reasons such as moving into accommodation which cannot have dogs, changing family circumstances or the dog is just not suited to the people's lifestyle any more.

Currently there are no rescued Bassets on our books....but keep an eye on this space as this is where they will be advertised next time we get one.

This service is for Basset Hounds only. 
If you need help in finding the right people and home for a Basset Hound then we are happy to assist by liaising with people on our waiting list for an older dog, and helping to connect people.   We will need as much detail about the dog or dogs that is available.  Typically information on age, condition, any habits, medical history and where they can be located, as much history as possible will assist in how to treat the hound.

If you are in a position to adopt a relinquished Basset Hound and provide a safe and loving could be the best thing you have ever done for the Secretary 0418 545 522 and add your name to the list of people waiting for a rescued adult. 

Contact Details

Julie Lehmann (Secretary)
Toora, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0418 545 522
Email : [email protected]